Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Surrounded by Science

We have had a lot of science happening in Kindergarten.

Caterpillars turning into Butterflies.

Exploring Fall leaves.

Planting apple seeds.

Math is great........we even got to have a snack during math........the Froot Loops that we didn't have time to graph.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Mid-Term is coming soon and I will not be sending anything home. We are still learning routines and I have not recorded much. At SEP conferences a 1st term skill sheet went home. (It can also be found on this blog.) Please just work on those items and make sure your child has them all mastered. If you would like to see what has been recorded you can go to SIS (Student Information System) to see. To set up an account you will need your child's student ID number. Mrs. Carrie Brinkerhoff in the office can get that for you.

Lots of Learning

What a busy time we are having in Kindergarten.
We are just finishing our math unit on colors and shapes. Make sure to have you child read their Shape Monster book to you! We are now moving on to learn numerals 1 - 9.
We have spent a lot of time practicing writing our names. Please have your child write his/her name for you. If they are still having trouble please continue to practice at home. Writing their name is a daily thing. Remember. . . names are not written in all capital letters. We are now moving on to learn the correct way to form each letter. A handwriting guide was sent home. Use it to reinforce at home what your child is learning at school.
We used one of our 5 senses. . . taste. . . to decide which color of apples we liked the best. We then used our math skills to create a graph.

Thanks for all the snack that was sent. We are good for now!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Busy Friday

We talked today about being a scientist. We learned that scientist ask questions, Make a hypothesis (guess), Test their hypothesis and Record their observations. The questioned was asked. . . . What do summer trees look like? We then went outside and observed the trees around our school. Conclusion. . . big, green, leafy and bushy. We then recorded that information in our science journal. It is so much fun to be a scientist.

We also were lucky enough to have our 5th grade buddies come in and read stories with us. They helped us learn about the parts of a book. 5th grade buddies rock!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shape Snakes!

Your child spent time in class today creating shapes with their snake. Please help reinforce what we are learning in school by asking your child to get their snake and create shapes for you.


What is an SEP Conference? SEP stands for Student Education Plan. Each year each child is to sit down with their teacher and parent and create goals for the year. The plan has three parts. What will the child do, parent do and teacher do to help accomplish the goals set. All three have to work together in order to have a successful year.

I have to met with each child. Because of the number of students I have Kindergarten SEP Conferences will be held two days. Please call the school office, 836-2851, as soon as you can to schedule an appointment.

There will be no kindergarten on Sept. 22 & 23.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Having Fun

I think the highlight of the Kindergarten day is RECESS!!! It really bums the kids out when it gets colder and we don't go outside everyday.

Snack . . . . . Our class is in need of snack. If you could please send of box of crackers to school that would be a great help.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Falcon Friday

Falcon Friday is almost here.........what is it? We are the Loa Falcons. Falcon Friday is a way to show our school spirit. Each child is asked to wear either a Falcon school shirt or school colors. School colors are Red and Light Blue. This year we will be having a contest between the morning and afternoon kindergarten classes as to which can have the highest % of school colors.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2 Days In

The year has started. Students are in their seats. Learning is abundant. This is going to be a great year. Just remember that for a great successful year we all have to work together. Parent involvement is key to success. Read with your child every night! Check their backpacks. Come to meeting. Praise their efforts. Learning is hard but with a team approach it great heights will be reached.